AGFOCERT HALAL Certification Services



Halal is an Arabic word meaning permissible. Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable under Islamic law. In order for the products or services to obtain this certificate, they must be from an acceptable source and fullfill other requirements of HALAL.

Offering halal certified products ensures that the products they use are compatible with their culture and beliefs.


There are about 2 billion Muslims in the world.  This market segment has shown a rapid growth rate over the past few years and is now worth about $US2 trillion.

Halal certification not only ensures compliance with Islamic rules and sensitivities but also adds value in terms of product/service quality and safety. In line with this, AGFOCERT offers HALAL certification services across a broad spectrum of sectors, drawing upon our extensive experience in management system and product certifications.

At AGFOCERT, we uphold the utmost seriousness, dedication, and professionalism in our Halal Certifications. This is evident in our comprehensive approach, which includes mass balance tests, rigorous traceability studies, and laboratory analyses. Moreover, we provide our certified clients with a detailed audit report in English, serving as tangible evidence of effective HALAL assessments. This report can be shared with their customers upon request, further emphasizing our commitment to excellence in Halal certification.

The increasing global demand for products that adhere to Islamic standards has highlighted the significance of Halal certification. This certification serves as a guarantee that the products are manufactured in compliance with Islamic principles. In recent times, Muslims in various countries, particularly in Europe, have increasingly sought this assurance. Ensuring that products not only conform to Islamic practices but also align with food safety criteria is crucial. This necessitates a comprehensive and systematic evaluation by individuals with expertise in both food production/processing and Islamic requirements pertinent to Halal product certification.

At AGFOCERT, our certification services for HALAL are conducted in accordance with the OIC-SMIIC-01: 2019 standards. We are accredited by the Halal Accreditation Agency of Turkey (HAK) for HALAL certifications.

Our experts, possessing years of experience in food certification, approach this matter with a dual perspective. They consider both the food inspection aspects and the religious implications of Halal certification.