AGFOCERT can provide ISO 22525:2020 certification by its auditors experienced in tourism sector.

ISO 22525, Tourism and  related services – Medical tourism – Service  requirements.

From knee to nose surgery, the global medical  tourism market has been on the rise for several  years now. In 2019 alone, it enjoyed a market  size value of USD 44.8 billion 1). While the coro[1]navirus pandemic will certainly impact the  market share, industry analysts predict good  growth in the long term.

So why the sudden growth?

Medical tourism  guidebook Patients Beyond Borders reports  that this market has been rapidly expanding  as the population ages and seeks medical  treatments that are cheaper, involve shorter  waiting times and provide more choice in  where and when they receive treatment.  To access a medical procedure abroad,  potential patients can look online for private  hospitals, surgeons, doctors, treatments  and recovery processes without having to  consult with travel agencies or local doctors.

ISO recognizes the risks with this approach  and is aiming to ensure that there will be  International Standards to cover best-practice  medical procedures, clinical risk management, safety and improved outcomes for these  patients. ISO technical committee ISO/TC 228 on tourism and related services is developing a new  standard covering the service requirements  of medical tourism: ISO 22525, Tourism and  related services – Medical tourism – Service  requirements.