Tourism and related services — Hotels — Service requirements

AGFOCERT can provide ISO 22483:2020 certification by its auditors experienced in tourism sector.

ISO 22483 is the all-new standard that takes the guess work out of hotel booking.

They say that it’s better to travel than to arrive. And if you’ve ever finished a journey at a hotel that falls below your expectations, you may well agree. For every world traveller who’s ever found themselves wondering why the number of stars awarded to hotels can vary so much between countries, there’s a new International Standard.

ISO 22483, Tourism and related services – Hotels – Service requirements, published this month, was developed by the group of experts in ISO’s technical committee on tourism and related services, ISO/TC 228.1

Committee Chair Manuel Otero highlights the wide applicability of the standard:

ISO 22483 provides a common and attainable reference for all hotels in terms of quality service provision and has been developed considering the different types of hotels in the world, existing categorization systems, business models, sizes and services offered, as well as the current demands of guests and global trends.

The new ISO standard establishes quality requirements and recommendations for hotels regarding staff, service, events, entertainment activities, safety and security, maintenance, cleanliness, supply management and guest satisfaction.