The Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for Flowers and Ornaments, Version 6, is a comprehensive standard designed to promote responsible farming practices across the whole flower and ornamental supply chain. This version demonstrates a global commitment to improving environmental sustainability, maintaining worker well-being, optimizing manufacturing processes, and improving traceability.

AGFOCERT is accredited for this standard.

Important Features of Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for Flowers and Ornaments:

IFA Version 6 is built on a holistic framework that prioritizes not just environmental sustainability but also the social and economic elements of farming practices. This method allows for a more balanced evaluation of soil and water management, plant protection and nutrition, biodiversity, and overall ecosystem health.

Global Standard: The IFA standard, developed through considerable industry collaboration, serves as a benchmark for responsible flower and ornamental production. It helps producers evaluate their performance, demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, and increase operational efficiency.

Wide Applicability: The standard applies to all major production systems, such as classic open fields, sophisticated greenhouses, and novel hydroponics. It includes a wide range of decorative products such as cut flowers, house plants, trees, bulbs, perennials, and turf, making it adaptable to a variety of farm sizes and types, from smallholders to large-scale producers.

Global Implementation: IFA for flowers and ornamentals is implemented globally through a network of certified bodies (CBs) and Registered Trainers, maintaining a consistent level of quality and sustainability across varied geographic regions.

Certification Flexibility: The standard includes certification choices geared to different farm sizes and types, allowing for a more personalized approach to assurance. It is intended to be readily linked with specialized add-ons and supply chain solutions, giving businesses more choice in how they meet certification standards.

Support for UN SDGs: By aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the IFA standard displays a commitment to global sustainability efforts, assisting producers in not only reducing their environmental footprint but also contributing to larger societal goals.

Finally, Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for Flowers and Ornaments, Version 6  provides a solid framework for promoting sustainable and responsible production in the flower and ornamental sector. It provides producers with the tools and guidelines they need to improve their environmental, social, and economic performance, align with global sustainability goals, and ensure the well-being of workers and ecosystems alike.