Safe Aquaculture and Livestock Growing Needs Safe Feed

GLOBALGAP is with all producers for the production of delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable livestock and aquaculture products.
Safe livestock and aquaculture farming needs safe compound feed. For this reason GLOBALGAP CFM standard is applicable.

  • We can certify GLOBALGAP Compound Feed Production (CFM) v2.2 with our TURKAK and IAS accreditation.

GLOBALGAP Compound Feed Manufacturing

Compound feed plays a vital role in ensuring food safety throughout the entire livestock production. The supply and production of raw materials and their processing for quality assurance compound feed have become an important consumer problem. By defining control points for quality assurance in production, CFM emphasizes:

  • Quality assurance in production
  • Raw material supply
  • Management and Storage in Production and Distribution
  • Compound feed producers who supply certified products to GLOBALGAP certified fish or livestock farms must be certified according to the CFM standard.

A list of CFM certified mixed feed producers can be found in the GlobalG.A.P Database by clicking the following link:

AGFOCERT GLOBALGAP Certification Services