BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9

We are offering BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 Certification with a very experienced team under our ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation by IAS.

BRCGS Food Safety Standard is a set of rules for food businesses to follow. It is made by experts from different parts of the food industry and it is clear and strict.

BRCGS Food Safety Standard was first made in 1998 and it is now on its ninth version. It has changed over time with feedback from many important customers around the world.

It helps food businesses to manage how they make, process and pack food and food ingredients safely, legally and with good quality.

The Food Safety Standard pays attention to:

  • making product safety a part of the culture;
  • checking the environment more often to prevent problems;
  • protecting the food from threats and attacks;
  • explaining the rules for different kinds of production areas;
  • making it clear for pet food makers; and
  • being accepted and compared globally (GFSI).