AGFOCERT can provide BRCGS Storage and Distribution Issue 4 certifications . We can combine it with Agents and Brokers certifications for which you can find a link below .

BRCGS  Storage and Distribution Issue 4

Supply chains are very complicated and need to be seen clearly. Goods and products go through many steps and places before they reach customers. They can face many problems along the way. Logistics is not just about moving goods from one place to another. It is also about meeting customers' needs and wants.

McKinsey says there are five main things that make supply chains weak, and transport and logistics can help make them stronger and safer.

The Storage and Distribution Standard is a set of rules for storing and moving products safely and with good quality. It was updated in 2020 and it helps businesses to improve their systems. Many big companies, retailers, online sellers use this standard in more than 50 countries. The standard can be used for any part of the supply chain from production to retail.

The Standard is made for logistics businesses that deal with Food, Packaging, and Consumer Products. It is clear, simple, and global. It can be used for different parts of logistics such as Storage only, Distribution Only, Transport Only.

The Standard also lets businesses choose extra parts that cover other common practices in the industry. These parts cover e-commerce, cross-docking, wholesale, contracted packing, inspection and waste management.