Chain of Assured Product Status Standards by AGFOCERT (CAPS)


CAPS-200:2020 - Chain of Assured Product Status Standard

CAPS-200 standard covers the following modules.

  • Gluten free,
  • GMO free,
  • Peanut free,
  • Lactose Free,
  • Caffeine Free and Decaf
  • Fat free,
  • Calorie free,
  • Cholesterol free,
  • Plant-based and Vegan
business hazard analysis critical control point men presentation chart board around HACCP text book money for template of banner and flyer with flat style

CAPS-220:2020 - HACCP Standard

is based on the following modules.

A- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Codex Alimentarius General Principles of Food Hygiene
CXC 1-1969:2020
B- Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventive Controls (HARPC) against “Title 21 Food And Drugs Chapter I Food And Drug Administration Department Of Health And Human Services Subchapter B - Food For Human Consumption Part 117 Current Good
Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, And Risk-Based Preventive Controls For Human Food”

Note : Assessment againsts requirements of HARPC is preparatory to official FDA assessments.


GMP abbreviation standing for good manufacturing practice written in dark metallic letters on isometric cube shape. 3d illustration.

CAPS-240:2020 - GMP, GLP and GHP Standard

In non-food sectors is compliance with international GMP, GLP and GHP rules are seeked, and we developed the CAPS-240: 2020 standard for this. This standard encompass the implementation of the following standard under a product management system :

  • A- ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics — Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) — Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices
  • B- ISO 11135:2014 Sterilization of health care products — Ethylene oxide
  • C- ISO 11137-1:2006 (2013 AMD-1) Sterilization of health care products — Radiation • ISO 11137-2:2019, ISO 11137-3:2017
  • D- ISO 13408-1:2008 (2013 AMD-1) Aseptic processing of health care products • ISO 13408-2:2018, ISO 13408-3:2006, ISO 13408-4:2005, ISO 13408-5:2006, ISO 13408-6:2021, ISO 13408-7:2012
  • F- ISO 14644-1 :2009 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, Classification of air cleanliness • ISO 14644-2:2005, ISO 14644-3:2005, ISO 14644-4:2001, ISO 14644-5:2004, ISO 14644-6:2007, ISO 14644-7:2004, ISO 14644-8:2006, ISO 14644-9:2012, ISO 14644-10:2013 , ISO 14644-12:2018, ISO 14644-13:2017, ISO 14644-14:2016,ISO 14644-15:2017,ISO 14644-16:2019, ISO 14644-17:2021
  • G- ISO 14698-1-2003 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Biocontamination control • ISO 14698-2:2003 (cor1-2004)
  • H- ISO 17665-1:2006 Sterilization of health care products — Moist heat • ISO 17665-2:2009, ISO 17665-3:2013

AGFOCERT has gained ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation from NAC for its own standards (CAPS-200, CAPS 220 and CAPS 240)

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CAPS-260:2020 - Social Decency Standard

We wanted to introduce a standard that ensures a socially decent approach to business employees. For this, we took  ISO 26000 standard as the basis and developed the core of the CAPS-260:2020 standard. Additional CAPS requirements have been incorporated .

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AGFOCERT has gained ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 accreditation from NAC for Management Systems including CAPS-260:2020 Social Decency Standard.

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