AGFOCERT Certification Services

AGFOCERT is the certification department of AGFO specialised in the following areas of certification

of GLOBALGAP, BRCGS, IFS, ASC, MSC and ISO certifications.

AGFOCERT Provides accredited certification and auditing services

We have a great competency in our area of expertise. Our main intention is to provide value added services everywhere in the world.

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Management Systems

Accredited certifications against ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 , ISO 22000:2018 , ..

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We provide accredited GLOBALG.A.P. certifications against crops , aquaculture, compound feed manufacturing and chain of custody ..

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We are the only accredited certification body in Turkey which can provide ASC Aquaculture and MSC CoC certifications...

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Food Safety, Packaging, Consumer Products, Storage and Distribution , Agents and Brokers & Gluten Free

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International Featured Standards. We are approved for the following IFS Standards : Food, Logistics and Broker

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Employees are managing documents at the office.

Download application package

You can find our application document packages for various standards in the following link.


Do you want to become an auditor?

We are approved by Exemplar GLOBAL and BRCGS for Management System Auditor Training Courses.