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AGFOCERT is anymore active in VEGAN certifications . We do vegan certifications under the license of BEVEG. For details please click. VEGAN – AGFOCERT Certification, Testing and Training

Congratulations to our Taiwan team

We would like to thank all of our Taiwan team, especially our Taiwan representative Mr. Chang Meng Kang (張盟岡). His cooperation with the Taiwan government on GLOBALG.A.P. certification, it has contributed to the producers’ active participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Food Supplier. Once again, congratulations Mr. Chang Meng Kang (張盟岡) for your success.

Standard : GLOBALGAP FV / Taiwan

Yi Nong in 06-07.03.2020 (Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery, Cabbage) (Brokoli, Marul, Kereviz, Lahana) Yu Lan in 06-07.03.2020 Carrot (Havuç)    

Gümüşdoğa and Akyol GLOBALGAP Inspections

We have performed the following GLOBALGAP inspections at end of Februarry 2020: Gümüşdoğa AQ 18-19-20 , 24-25-26-27.02.2020 Gümüşdoğa CFM 21.02.2020 Akyol AQ 24-25-26.02.2020

ASC Tripartite Meeting

We have attended in ASC tripartite meeting in 25-27 February 2020. It as in Den Haag the Netherlands. We explained the requests and problems of the aquaculture industry of Turkey one by one and listened our valuable partners. They took notes very carefully. We took our notes to implement. We continue serving our country and … Read more

Come and visit and drink a coffee of us . It is in Maltepe Istanbul. Gelin, ziyaret edin ve bir kahve içelim. Maltepe İstanbul’da.

AGFOCERT is an accredited certification body located in beautiful Istanbul – Turkey We are accredited for GLOBALGAP aquaculture, crops, CFM, CoC, ASC Farm and MSC CoC scopes. Our laboratory section has also been accredited for various tests. Our main area is certification of quality management and sustainability management systems.You can have more details about it … Read more


As a result of being a pioneer in investing in ASC, AGFOCERT has been the first and only certification body in Turkey. Our auditor candidates were approved by successfully completing ASC farm lead auditor trainings and exams. We have been granted our accreditation by ASI on May 16, 2016. We are able to certify all … Read more

We are accredited for GLOBALGAP Fruits and Vegetables

Happy families with healthy food GLOBALGAP is with all producers for the production of delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable crops, livestock and aquaculture products. We, as AGFOCERT, perform GLOBALGAP certification services within the following scopes. Fruit Vegetables (FV) Combinable Products (Field Crops) (CC) Flowers and Ornamentals Seafood Compound Feed Manufacturing (CFM) Chain of Custody … Read more