What is an ETI Assessment ?

The ETI is a group of businesses, workers and charities that want to make work conditions better for everyone involved in making products. An ETI Assessment checks if you follow the nine rules of the ETI Code and the laws that apply to your business. This shows customers that you are a fair and ethical brand

Assessments for the ETI code has many benefits:

The ETI helps companies improve work conditions according to the ETI Base Code, which was agreed by the ETI's founding members from different sectors.

  • Shows that your company cares about ethical trading, which customers appreciate
  • Supports better trading practices across industry and workers' rights
  • Lets you legally say your products are 'fair trade'
  • Gives you an advantage by showing your ethical stance
  • Reduces risks in your production facilities, keeps staff longer and increases productivity thanks to happier employees

AGFOCERT is a trusted and approved assessment body with a lot of experience in certifying companiesin many areas such ASC, MSC, BRCGS, IFS and ISO Standards. Additionally, AGFOCERT has its own standard CAPS 260:2020 based on ISO 26000 requirements that also covers ETI Base Code. We have expert auditors who can check and evaluate your company's production practices and facilities to make sure they follow ETI standards anywhere in the world.

We offer a complete service for companies that need social compliance programmes and management systems standards, combining ETI Assessments with other management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and AGFO's own standard CAPS-260:2020

The Purpose of AGFOCERT ETI Assessments

The purpose of this assessment is not to certify your company but to impartially assess your compliance against these nine principles and aid to improve your compliance. We provide a detailed assessment report with percent scores acquired for each of the principles and overall score. In case of fully compliance with these requirements you will get an "Attestation of Conformity" .

AGFOCERT’s Process For ETI Code Assessment :

  1. Application
  2. Document Review
  3. Unannounced ETI Base Assessment
  4. Preliminary Reporting
  5. Closure of findings and Non-conformities
  6. Final Reporting and Provision of "Attestation of Conformity"

What are the Principles of ETI Code ?

  1. Employment is voluntary
  2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is upheld
  3. Working conditions are safe and sanitary
  4. Child labour is prohibited
  5. Living wages are remunerated
  6. Working hours are reasonable
  7. No discrimination is practiced
  8. Regular employment is provided
  9. No harsh or inhuman treatment is permitted