CAPS-260:2020 - Social Decency Standard

There has been a great need for social certifications in almost all industry sectors because

  • There are only a few private schemes in this area and still not quite accessible for small and medium sized organisations
  • Prices of these private schemes are too high for small sized organisations.
  • Only a few of certification bodies are approved by these schemes.
  • ISO 26000 is intended for guidance only. The standard describes itself "not-suitable" for certification.

So, AGFO has developed CAPS-260:2020 which is composed of the following elements

  • Core elements of ILO conventions and ISO 26000 standard
  • Additional requirements of CAPS
  • Certification requirements to make it suitable for certification:

AGFO has gained ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation for CAPS-260:2020.

What are the qualification criteria for becoming CAPS-260:2020 auditors ?

  • Our initial Lead Instructor has SA 8000 Advanced Auditor Certificate and performed lots of social assessments.
  • Our Lead Auditor Training for CAPS-260 shall be under our Exemplar Global License and this course shall be instructed by our Lead Instructor
  • If the auditor candidate has at least SA 8000 auditor certificate and exam passed, this shall be accepted as equivalent to CAPS-260 Lead Auditor Training
  • Candidates with adequate work experience in relevant sectors shall be accepted to training program. This includes at least two shadow audits and 1 witness audit.
  • After successfully completing the initial training , candidate shall be assigned as CAPS-260:2020 Auditors.

Following core subjects have been addressed in CAPS-260:2020 by using ISO 26000 and relevant ILO conventions as a guidance :

Organisational Governance

a- Organizations and organizational governance
b- Organizational governance and social responsibility
c- Principles and considerations

Human Rights
Labour practices
The environment
Fair operating practices
Consumer issues
Community involvement and development
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