CAPS-200:2020 - Chain of Assured Product Status Standard

We wanted to do something different in the conformity assessment industry. A type of certification that especially sensitive people need was the first activity that came to our mind. We identified celiac patients, those with peanut allergy, lactose intolerant and those who do not want to consume GMO products as the main focus groups.

CAPS-220:2020 - HACCP Standard

We could not forget HACCP. We based on Codex Alimentarius as the initial version, but over time we want to develop a broader product assurance standard by including elements of the quality management system. In all of these evaluations.

CAPS-240:2020 - GMP, GLP and GHP Standard

We knew that another requirement in food and non-food sectors is compliance with international GMP, GLP and GHP rules, and we developed the CAPS-240: 2020 standard for this. We developed our first module for the cosmetic sector and our basic module for other sectors. This standard will continue to be developed in 2021.

CAPS-260:2020 - Social Decency Standard

We wanted to introduce a standard that ensures a socially decent approach to business employees. For this, we took  ISO 26000 standard as the basis and developed the core of the CAPS-260:2020 standard. Additional CAPS requirements have been incorporated .


AGFO has gained ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation from NAC for its own standards

We have created our specific brand mark called CAPSMARK. see. specific web site :