Our Testing and Analysis Services

Fresh Water Benthic Fauna Analysis

Benthic macro-invertebrates are accepted as the most suitable biological quality element for rivers. Many European experts recommend selecting benthic macro-invertebrates, which can react to many pressures in all river types. We use BMWP index for our calculations.

Marine Benthic Fauna Analysis

We are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for marine benthic analyses since 2019.  We use various type of grabs and our calculations are based on Shannon-Wiener index.

Trophic Status Assessment

Our laboratory department (AGFOLAB) performs Trophic Status total phosphorus, chlorophyll analysis, saturated oxygen measurements and turbidity (secchi disk) tests. 

Assimilative Capacity Assessment

Our laboratory department (AGFOLAB) performs Assimilation Capacity analyzes  as part of trophic status assessments.

Cumulative Effects Assessment

Soon we are starting Cumulative Effects Assessments for aquaculture sector
Cumulative Effects Assessment is the process of assessing potential effects on receptors from environmental and social effects caused by the combined influence of more than one project.