Impartiality Statement

Our certification activities are carried out in an impartial manner. AGFOCERT is responsible for the impartiality of certification activities and to doubt on the impartiality of commercial, financial or other pressures are not allowed. A commitment of the senior management about the impartiality of agfocert available. For this purpose the implementation of the following practices and policies are AGFOCERT commitment by senior management .

  • A risk analysis is kept up to date on this subject created.
  • Pricing policy: All client / producers based on the information they have provided a fair pricing policy applied during the application; For this purpose, a pricing directive was prepared and posted on our website.
  • AGFOCERT and whatever part of the same legal entity or under organizational control agfocert of personality; The certified products; design, manufacturing, installation, distribution or does not perform the technical support activities. AGFOCERT can not offer consulting services to their customers. In cases where customers require certification of their management systems evaluation program, AGFOCERT can not offer consulting of management system or internal audit services. This also applies to certification bodies, which are public institutions.
  • AGFOCERT does not certify the quality management system of another certification body.
  • AGFOCERT does not provide management system consultancy to a unit which is part of its legal entity and is under organizational control.
  • AGFOCERT does not have any relationship with any management system consultancy firm in relation to property, management, shared resources, financing and contracts.
  • AGFOCERT provides only technical control, certification and training activities. Its services doesn’t include trade or business activities. Potential impartiality risks arising from training activities are analyzed and reviewed annually.
  • AGFOCERT is an independent legal entity and not related with other entities.
  • AGFOCERT is not a part of other cooperative or a company.
  • AGFOCERT can not be marketed or will not be offered in connection with other companies providing the consulting activities . AGFOCERT is not a consulting company and does not carry out consultancy activities.
  • It doesn’t even imply that working with a particular consulting firm does make certification simpler, easier, faster or not more cost-effective to be taken.
  • In case of working with AGFOCERT (including representation) other certification bodies according to the certification of AGFOCERT simpler, easier, faster or expression under the commitment to be more cost-effective or implied.
  • Prohibits its personnel from participating in the audit of any organization to which they have done consultancy or they had any financial or commercial interest for a minimum period of 2 years prior to the date of application of the organization for registration.
  • In order to avoid a conflict of interest, no personnel providing management system consultancy, including those involved in the management of AGFOCERT, shall be assigned to the same management system (if they have been in the last 2 years) in the audit or certification process of that customer.
  • AGFOCERT guarantees that the internal and external personnel can inform themselves or AGFOCERT of any situation that may cause a conflict of interest.
  • Our organization takes necessary precautions about various risks arised from other people, companies or organisations against its partiality.
  • General Manager and Management Representative evaluates and takes necesssary precautions for risks that could threaten the impartiality, impartiality documented in risk Assessment document. The identified risks are eliminated if possible, if not, the necessary activities are documented to minimize them. Senior management; review the remaining risk for acceptability.
  • When evaluating risks; company partnership status, internal and external situation of the staff (if they work different companies, partnerships, etc ...) will be handled individually. Risk assessment when changing from designated status will be reconsidered immediately.
  • All personnel (internal or external) or committees who may affect certification activities are ensured act impartially. This is guaranteed by legal agreements.
  • AGFOCERT will treat all accredited laboratories equally with AGFOLAB. AGFOCERT never forces the client to get laboratory analysis services from AGFOLAB.
  • AGFOCERT and AGFOLAB management boards will always be different from each other to assure impartiality. There will only be common quality department coordinating the impartiality between those departments.
  • AGFOCERT will get organised completely separate from AGFOLAB. Employees doing assessment tasks will never undertake analysis tasks. Those departments may only provide training to each others’ employees.
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