AGFOCERT Code of Ethics for Certification Personnel

Scope: This Code of Ethics is designed for individuals engaged in the certification process at AGFOCERT, encompassing auditors, technical reviewers, certification committee members, subcontractors, partners, and suppliers. It guides their conduct towards each other, clients, stakeholders, and any parties involved in certification activities.

1. Integrity

  • Uphold honesty and integrity.
  • Avoid and disclose conflicts of interest.

2. Professional Competence

  • Continuously enhance knowledge and competence.
  • Conduct certification activities diligently.

3. Confidentiality

  • Protect confidential information.
  • Avoid personal gain from confidential information.

4. Objectivity

  • Maintain objectivity and independence in decisions.
  • Avoid bias and undue influence.

5. Fairness

  • Treat all parties equally and without discrimination.
  • Base decisions on objective evidence.

6. Compliance with Laws and Standards

  • Adhere to laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Stay informed about industry and legal updates.

7. Transparency

  • Conduct transparent activities to build trust.
  • Clearly communicate processes and decisions.

8. Responsibility to Stakeholders

  • Acknowledge responsibilities towards all stakeholders.
  • Positively represent AGFOCERT.

9. Quality and Improvement

  • Strive for continuous process improvement.
  • Engage in ongoing training and development.

10. Reporting Unethical Behavior

  • Report unethical behavior and code violations.
  • Encourage ethical compliance.

11. Professional Representation

  • Accurately represent AGFOCERT and its services.
  • Avoid misrepresenting capabilities.

12. Collaboration and Respect

  • Collaborate respectfully with all industry participants.
  • Promote mutual respect and dialogue.

13. Social Accountability

  • Embrace social responsibility in all practices.
  • Respect human rights and promote fair labor.

14. Ethical Trade

  • Practice and advocate ethical trade principles.
  • Support fairness in global trade.

Conclusion: All certification personnel at AGFOCERT are expected to adhere to this Code, understanding that it represents more than guidelines—it embodies the ethos of AGFOCERT.

Violations of this Code may lead to disciplinary actions. Regular reviews and updates ensure the Code remains in alignment with evolving industry standards and ethical practice.

In embracing environmental protection, each member should actively minimize environmental impacts and champion eco-friendly practices in all operations. This commitment is not just beneficial but essential in the current global climate.

Moreover, a strong dedication to sustainable working practices is imperative. It involves pursuing a balance between economic success and environmental stewardship. These considerations are not merely operational mandates but are integral to AGFOCERT's identity and vision for a sustainable future.